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Working in Reaktor Space Lab

[Editor’s note: Kuva Space was previously known as Reaktor Space Lab from the formation of the company in April 2016 until the end of September of 2021. This blog post was written before the Kuva Space brand renewal.]

As the newest employee at RSL I wanted to tell you what it’s like joining the RSL team and how I’ve found the experience.

My background is in astrophysics and before moving back to Finland in 2015, I was studying and working abroad in different countries for 9 years. These years included university courses and work experience in engineering, among other things, which gave me the skills and interest in satellite engineering. During my studies, I worked in the summer gaining work experience from places like VTT, ESA and NASA.

I begun working at RSL in May 2018. My work here consists of building satellite models and in the future I will also handle mission analysis.

I am still in the middle of my PhD on an unrelated topic so I began working at Reaktor Space Lab one day a week and dedicated the rest of the week to my PhD. Later on, this was changed to 3 days a week as I wanted to work more days and RSL was happy to offer that.

Everyone in the company has been extremely helpful and from early on I could see there’s an environment here where everyone feels comfortable asking questions. After all, we each have our own fields of expertise and know more about something than someone else. So if you ask a question, even if it’s really basic stuff to that person, you’ll always get a friendly explanation.

We often hang out outside the office too, whether it’s a board game night, boating or something else. It really shows that we like each other’s company and have a good atmosphere here.

Working at RSL has taught me so much about satellite technology and about science that can be done with them but it has also allowed me to meet new people enthusiastic about space.

I feel like a new era for Finland has finally begun as Finland has started to embrace the possibilities that commercial space has to offer and to be able to work in a CubeSat company right now is very exciting. I can’t wait to see what the new year has to offer us!


Note: in the autumn of 2019, Sissi moved on to focus on her PhD full time. We wish her the very best on her research and look forward for collaboration in the future!