Smarter data for a stronger planet

Kuva Space improves life on Earth through the world’s most extensive hyperspectral satellite constellation and AI.
Our GREEN DATA® platform will provide solutions to some of the worlds most pressing issues, such as climate change, disaster response, food demand as well as safety & security.


We see the molecular composition of everything on Earth

With climate change and population growth, our world is facing unprecedented challenges. We need to produce more food and fight an increasing number of natural disasters while stopping global warming by means of carbon sequestration. To be able to sustainably grow more, we need to see more
– that’s where Earth observation and Kuva Space come in.

With our hyperspectral space technology, we will play a critical role in land and water management, monitoring carbon emissions and measurement of carbon sequestration. Our ultimate goal is to help manage and protect natural resources and grow the economy more sustainably.

Daily, global hyperspectral monitoring

Our constellation of nanosatellites is equipped with unique hyperspectral camera technology, providing unseen performance/size ratio. Combined with advanced AI-based analytics, we will be able to offer an adaptable and affordable SaaS platform.

Solid track record on reliable nanosatellites

With three satellites currently active, we already have several years of successful heritage with space-tech know-how. The World’s highest performing, miniaturized NIR hyperspectral camera has been in orbit since 2018, and through our ESA collaborations we’ve provided commercial satellites to various global partners.


Green Data® platform enabling solutions for global issues

Carbon credit market verification

The carbon credit market is predicted to grow extraordinarily within this decade. However, currently reliable and global verification tools for carbon sequestration are still missing. Kuva Space is developing a comprehensive tool to measure carbon content in all major vegetation types (including agri- and aquaculture) to enable reliable carbon offset trading.

Global yield forecasting and damage assessment

Kuva Space daily Green Data® platform reveals for the first time ever global crop yield estimations from early stages of growth. Multiple times a day revisit capability and high quality imagery enables services for catastrophe damage assessment on various fields of insurance and disaster response.

Improved situational awareness

Kuva Space hyperspectral datasets multiple times a day enable multiple use cases to improve governmental situational awareness and early detection. Detection of illegal gas or methane leaks, fishing boats, trafficking, deliberate marine polluting and unexpected changes in environment are engaging with ever growing problems nations and environment are facing.

Research collaboration

Kuva Space partner program for research entities enhances understanding effects and rate of climate change and helps to create meaningful and effective climate action.


Unique 2D-snapshot hyperspectral satellite

6U CubeSat, mass 12 kg
450-1000 nm
25 m GSD
In-house mission-critical systems
Launch: Q4/2023

HYPERFIELD next generation
12U CubeSat, mass 24 kg
450-2500 nm
< 10 m GSD
Propulsion capability added
Launch: 2024


Explore other missions

Hello World

Demonstrating the Hello World platform for future Earth orbit and deep-space missions. Seeing the invisible – first ever miniature hyperspectral infrared imager onboard. In-house designed and manufactured platform scalable up to 12U CubeSat size.

View project

Launch: 2018

Status: In operation

Class: 2U CubeSat

Demonstrating a new frequency band for future telecommunication satellites. Higher frequencies enable faster communication speeds for satellites providing global connectivity. First ever Finnish satellite ordered by the European Space Agency.

View W-Cube mission

Launch: 2021

Status: In operation

Class: 3U CubeSat


A demonstration satellite for future space weather forecasting. Also known as XFM, an European Space Agency mission co-created by RSL and ISAWARE.

Link to SUNSTORM press release

Launch: 2021

Status: In operation

Class: 2U CubeSat


Kuva Space is providing technology for the Milani and Juventas small sats riding to the Didymos asteroid system with the European Space Agency HERA main spacecraft. A mission to study a type of asteroid which could be potentially hazardous to Earth. Despite their risks, these asteroids might be utilized for their valuable resources in the future.

View HERA mission

Launch: 2023

Status: Delivered, waiting for launch

Class: Subsystems