Smarter data for a stronger planet

With climate change and population growth, our world is facing unprecedented challenges. We need to produce more food and fight an increasing number of natural disasters while stopping global warming by means of carbon sequestration. To be able to sustainably grow more, we need to see more
– that’s where Earth observation and Kuva Space come in.


We see the Earth

Kuva Space improves life on Earth through daily, space-borne hyperspectral imaging and AI. We are building the world’s most effective service for global daily data on vegetation and soil. Our Earth observation solutions provide actionable data and insights to enhance agriculture, optimize growth and land use, guide investments and financial decisions, measure regional carbon sequestration rates and even prevent large-scale forest fires or detect gas leaks.

Our ultimate goal is to help manage natural resources and grow the economy more sustainably.

Daily, global hyperspectral monitoring

Our constellation of nanosatellites is equipped with unique hyperspectral camera technology, providing unseen performance/size ratio. Combined with advanced AI-based analytics, we will be able to offer an adaptable and affordable SaaS platform.

Solid track record on reliable nanosatellites

With three satellites currently active, we already have several years of successful heritage with space-tech know-how. The World’s highest performing, miniaturized NIR hyperspectral camera has been in orbit since 2018, and through our ESA collaborations we’ve provided commercial satellites to various global partners.


Farming and asset management data you can trust

Optimized farming
for better yields

Our service will help growers improve yields and crop quality with actionable data, insights and guidance. We can enable more informed decision-making on key aspects such as fertilizer and irrigation needs, optimal harvesting times, and early-stage pest or plant disease detection.

Better forecasting for financing and

Our daily data will allow for more timely, accurate forecasting of yields and risks, thus helping with financial planning and providing fact-based savings. From raw data to actionable insights, we’ll be able to tailor our service solution to match the needs of your business.

Up-to-date and comprehensive asset

Knowing the amount and condition of your crops, forests or other ecological assets gives you great benefit in knowing the exact value of our property, every day. Timely asset monitoring also enhances risk preparation and management. In case of any sudden changes, such as floods, fires, landslides, gas leaks or sudden methane emissions, our service will help you react faster.

Reliable & scalable verification for
sequestrated carbon monitoring

Carbon sequestration plays a vital part in battling climate change. In the future, our service aims to provide a reliable, globally scalable verification method for soil and plant carbon monitoring, thus enabling new possibilities for carbon emission trade.


Explore the missions

Hello World

Demonstrating the Hello World platform for future Earth orbit and deep-space missions. Seeing the invisible – first ever miniature hyperspectral infrared imager onboard. In-house designed and manufactured platform scalable up to 12U CubeSat size.

View project

Launch: 2018


Class: 2U CubeSat

Demonstrating a new frequency band for future telecommunication satellites. Higher frequencies enable faster communication speeds for satellites providing global connectivity. First ever Finnish satellite ordered by the European Space Agency.

View W-Cube mission

Launch: 2021


Class: 3U CubeSat


A demonstration satellite for future space weather forecasting. Also known as XFM, an European Space Agency mission co-created by RSL and ISAWARE.

Link to SUNSTORM press release

Launch: 2021


Class: 2U CubeSat


RSL is providing technology for the Milani and Juventas small sats riding to the Didymos asteroid system with the European Space Agency HERA main spacecraft. A mission to study a type of asteroid which could be potentially hazardous to Earth. Despite their risks, these asteroids might be utilized for their valuable resources in the future.

View HERA mission

Launch: 2023

Status: Design phase

Class: Subsystems



Board and management

Inka Mero

Chairman of the Board

Inka is an experienced entrepreneur, company builder, VC, angel investor, and a new business executive. She’s currently the Managing Partner at Voima Ventures, a 50 million VC fund focusing on deep tech.

Tuomas Tikka

CTO & Co-founder, member of the Board

Tuomas has 10 years of experience in satellite systems and has lead Kuva Space as the CEO between 2016-2021. In 2018 he won the Finnish Engineering Award on his work in developing satellite know-how in Finland. Tuomas is well connected within the cubesat industry.

Jari Tuovinen

Member of the Board

Jari is a Partner and co-founder at Nordic FoodTech and Visionplus venture capital funds. He is an experienced board professional and investor and has extensive experience in leadership and business strategy.

Juha-Matti Liukkonen

Member of the Board

Jussi is Reaktor’s Director of Space and New Technologies. With over 25 years of experience at the intersection of software, hardware and humans, he's a true native in all things tech. Jussi represents the Finnish space industry at the national space committee and has participated in updating the national space strategy action plan.

Jarkko Antila


Jarkko is an experienced deep-tech start-up entrepreneur with solid track record on new products, fundraising and leadership. He has lead technology teams at VTT and Inficon, and has co-founded Spectral Engines where he acted as the CEO for 6 years before exit.