Guillem Ballesteros starts as Data Scientist at Kuva Space

Our newest team member is Dr. Guillem Ballesteros, who started at Kuva Space in September as a Data Scientist . Guillem is Spanish and currently lives in Scotland.
Dr. Guillem Ballesteros, Data Scientist.

How come Finland and Kuva Space?

I have Finnish friends and through them I ended up on Jarkko’s previous company, Spectral Engines. In my experience Finnish are practical, no-nonsense and highly skilled and it’s a pleasure working with them. At Kuva Space my passion for physics, programming and data science come together to help build satellites to tackle one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced! Also, during my PhD I did a lot of optics and spectrometry so this role is a perfect match for my skill set. What is there not to like?

Tell us a bit more on your background!

It’s been whirlwind! I studied a master on theoretical physics and then another one on telecommunications. After a brief period at ETHZ in Switzerland I ended up doing a PhD on quantum optics in Edinburgh. That’s when a Finnish friend I met in Zurich invited me over to intern as a data scientist at Spectral Engines. It’s that visit that is to blame for me being a data scientist today.

How has the first month been?

Things have started very smoothly and I’m already deeply involved in algorithm development and pipeline automation for our hyperspectral data. Working with everybody at Kuva Space is easy and transparent, which is great, especially considering I’m fully remote. During my first two weeks I visited the team to get to know them better and have some wine testing in the woods!

CEO of Kuva Space, Jarkko Antila comments: “We’re excited to welcome Guillem in the team! We’re growing strongly in software and data sciences and Guillem is a perfect guy to create some of the foundations on that path.”

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