Jussi Mäkynen’s deep camera knowledge takes Kuva Space to new heights

Jussi Mäkynen joined Kuva Space as the Head of Camera Technology in May 2022. Jussi has a solid track record in spectral sensors and imaging system development.
Head of Camera Technology, Jussi Mäkynen.

In 2014, Jussi and a couple of colleagues founded a company called Spectral Engines, marking the end of the research era at VTT and the beginning of the adventurous world of start-ups. With deep knowledge and experience in spectroscopy and camera technologies, the start-up developed miniature spectrometers for handheld devices and applications for material identification. “We can determine matter’s components, characteristics, and quality using spectroscopy – a method that measures the amount of light absorbed or emitted by matter. Together with the team, we took the company from an early stage start-up to a well-established and recognized player in the material sensing category.”

Fast forward to spring 2022, an open position at Kuva Space caught Jussi’s attention. Kuva Space was looking for a Head of Camera Technology to develop its own hyperspectral camera capability instead of buying an off-the-shelf camera technology. Jussi immediately understood the strategic importance of building the hyperspectral camera technology in-house. It will give Kuva Space the freedom to influence the data quality. Jussi has seen the impact of spectroscopy in other fields, and now he can bring hyperspectral cameras to space for an important reason.

To be part of a mission to build a constellation of 100 satellites equipped with hyperspectral camera technology that will provide persistent monitoring of Earth opens up many possibilities. This role is just something I could not resist.”

The thrill of being part of a purpose-driven technology early stage start-up was palpable. Another essential aspect of this role that fascinated Jussi was the chance to learn new things related to space and satellite technology. So what have you learned so far, Jussi?

It’s been five months into my role at Kuva Space, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work on hyperspectral imaging technology again. Kuva Space has been an excellent place to work – highly skilled colleagues working together towards a common goal without forgetting to have fun. Since day one, I have felt like I was part of a great team working on an important topic – making the world a better place.”

The Kuva Space team is excited to have Jussi as part of the team. Under Jussi’s stewardship the camera technology in our constellation will continue to be the best-in-class, delivering quality images to fuel our impactful data services.