Kuva Space teams up with Springvest to extend their financing round to Finnish private investors and entities

Update (August 15th, 2023): The Offering has been oversubscribed and thus the Board of Directors decided to terminate the subscription period of the Offering.

Read Springvest’s press release on the funding round closure (in Finnish)

Espoo, Finland (August 8th, 2023) – Kuva Space, an innovative Finnish Earth observation company in the hyperspectral services industry, is excited to invite Finnish private investors as part of its ongoing Series A funding round to contribute to its impactful mission. Kuva Space partners with Springvest, a reputable Finnish organizer of public share issues for unlisted growth companies, for the growth funding initiative.

By harnessing the power of growth funding, the company seeks to foster greater involvement from the Finnish community and investors in driving spaceborne innovation and progress that will benefit us all, stretching from food security, carbon and environment to national security.

In full compliance with regulatory standards, this growth funding financial round is accessible solely to individuals and entities operating within the borders of Finland. Prospective participants are required to authenticate their involvement through Finnish bank account information. Presently, investments originating from outside of Finland cannot be accommodated.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Springvest to propel Kuva Space’s vision of becoming a pioneer in near real-time global hyperspectral services,” says Jarkko Antila, CEO, at Kuva Space. “ The financial round will empower investors within Finland to play an instrumental role in improving life on Earth through our innovative satellite, camera technology and AI-powered analytics platform.“

A quarter of the Series A financing for the company’s growth and advancement will be sourced through growth funding efforts, providing Finnish citizens a unique gateway to not only an impactful investment opportunity but also the chance to be part of a visionary movement steering the world towards greater sustainability.

The investment round is open from 9.8 – 8.9.2023.

Download the basic information document (in Finnish)

To learn more about this investment opportunity and how to invest in Kuva Space, visit Springvest website (in Finnish)

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Website: www.kuvapace.com

Founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, Kuva Space is building the world’s first extensive microsatellite constellation with patented hyperspectral camera technology to collect gapless data aimed to solve the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, food security and safety & security. Combined with its AI-driven analytics platform, Kuva Space delivers reliable, timely, global insights and foresights that transform rich spaceborne data into actionable insights users can use for efficient resource management, optimize operations and improve profitability sustainably. For more information, visit www.kuvaspace.com.